Plateau de la Mayenne mixed development zone (ZAC) – Angers, Avrillé, 1999-2013

The Plateau de la Mayenne is a strategic site in the development of the city of Angers: it is close to the city centre and connected to the planned infrastructure of the ring road and the tram, which will take over extensive land area in the expansion of the urban fabric of Angers and Avrillé. On this 150 ha site, a mixed-use district sits between the existing urban boundary and the proposed 11 ha theme park dedicated to plants. It must ensure the transition between the city and the park. It is the landscaping project, the plant system and its public spaces that determine the urban settlements: 4000 residential units and 10 hectares dedicated to business.

In order for the habitat and vegetation to blend harmoniously with the urbanised fringes, the relief, the prevailing winds and the soil type, the structural grid distinguishes between three landscaped sites. Each site is developed from different plant species, urban density and habitat typology.

The site, which draws on the existing urbanised area, facing Avenue Mendès France, contains a dense habitat with 3-storey buildings and a plant environment composed of orchards.

The following two sites contain two-storey and single-storey buildings and their plant identity is marked by the presence of conifers and hardwoods. A network of plant «strips» and «seams» forms a link with the major natural sites and green spaces of the greater Angers area. The transitional process from which the new urban development of the city is being considered is conditioned by a strong association with plant life, which is emblematic of the traditions and expertise of the Anjou region.


Designing an eco-district, expansion of the city of Angers in relation to the future plant theme park. Mission of head urbain planner




INTERSCENE - Thierry Huau - Landscape architect & Master Planner
COTEBA (Project manager)


150 ha

Global Budget

22 500 000 €