Rougemer mixed development zone (ZAC) – Lac de Der (51), 2010-2013

The Lac du Der is a nature destination, renowned for its interesting avifauna and as a popular location for outdoor leisure activities.

The ZAC de Rougemer 2 mixed development zone extends the existing lake resort while providing continuity between the older areas (ZAC I) and the new neighborhoods and integrating the constructed spaces into a high quality natural and environmental site. The project is being conducted within the framework of an environmental approach to urban planning.

The starting point of the planning proposal is to tap into, accentuate and extend the site characteristics. The next step is to prolong its offshoots to connect the resort to existing buildings and the village of Giffaumont, which is relatively isolated by the flood-prone zones of the Droyes area.

The landscaped thalweg and ecological corridor form a vast landscaped green network connecting the lake and crossing through the entire site, featuring wetlands, meadows, hedgerows, wooded areas and lakeshore.

This green network allows for non-motorized traffic and becomes a natural space open to encounters, conviviality and exchange.

– It serves to recover rainwater
– It remains respectful of the environment and forms biodiversity corridors (adaptation of plant species, profiling of swales, etc.)
– It offers a high quality landscape for the residential spaces that occupy the interstices.

The identity of this vacation and relaxation space emphasizes the escape it offers from the everyday by opening up the resort to the natural environment and the greater landscape.


Assisting the contracting authority for the development of the ZAC II Rougemer (preparation of all documents necessary for the creation of the ZAC, promotional role through the elaboration and drafting of documents relating to the integration of private operators in the ZAC, preparation and monitoring of the construction phase)


Syndicat du der


SCET (Mandataire)
INTERSCENE - Thierry Huau - Urbanist & Landscape architect
CSD Azur Ecologist


71 ha

Study Budget

495 700 €


Study in progress