New administrative sub-center Tongzhou

Beijing, China – 2017 – International competition

Development of a large program of construction of new administrative buildings


INTERSCENE Urbanist & Landscape architect IFADUR Urbanist & Architects (leader)

600 ha > International competition

Located in the Tongzhou district of Beijing, in the center-east of downtown Beijing, this project covers an area of approximately 6 km². If this project was a success, it is because of its basic idea – the traces of history would persist. based on “the memory of water”, the project drawings focus on the ecological aspect of the area. The project consisted of renovating the agricultural river and transforming it into
an urban drainage system. The road network above the water distribution network would be reorganized and renovated at the same time as it would be preserved, which would allow its integration into the city. The building blocks would be placed as a triple landscape structure, where each block itself would be a scene that seeks the “memory of water”.

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