Reconversion of the LRBA site

Vernon (27), France, 2012-2013

Feasibility study for the conversion of the LRBA site in Vernon


APS Architect Leader INTERSCENE Landscape Architect & Urbanist

340 ha

70 000 € HT > Realized Study

In July 2008, the Ministry of Defence announced the LRBA site would close in 2012. Created in 1946, this military site dedicated to ballistic and aerodynamic research is currently undergoing an urban renewal study. The study aims to take advantage of the site’s characteristics: its location on a wooded promontory on Vernon’s landscaped river banks, direct proximity to the Seine, a 340-ha plateau, good quality existing buildings and facilities. but there are also many environmental, planning and land-use constraints to be taken into account (SEVESO area, power lines, protected woodland, quarries, etc.). This initial assessment gives rise to four general orientations.

I- Restructuring the plateau around a vast central clearing
II- Enhancing the built heritage
III- A light recreational programme
IV- A site with new momentum

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