Sevran Terrains Monceleux – Competition

Sevran (93), France, 2017-2019

567 HOUSING UNITS – 38 000 m2 SP Young and senior residences : 11250 m2 Fa Shops : 6 400 m2 FA indoor activities (swimming pool /indoor wave- Fab Labs – Shops) 5 330 m2 Outdoor activities

City of Sevran

LINKCITY Ile de France – OperatorCRESCENDO – Operator Jacques ROUGERIE Associated Architects INTERSCENE urbanist – landscape architects MUOTO – architects – GELIN-LAFON – architects JULIA WINDING Architect CONFLUENCES – environment OASIIS – energy performance SALUTERRE – landscape and social engineering JARDINS DE GALLY – farmers bOUYGUES BATIMENT Ile de France COLAS Ile de France – Normandie

32 ha

27 000 000 € pour les esp. extérieurs dont 10 000 000 € volet paysage

> Competition winner

This place is an unexpected reserve of land, 32ha in the very heart of the urban. a space still natural to the articulation of spaces of houses diversified – between collective highs and pavilions – and a green bow shaped by the parks of Sausset and Powder. Time is the time of transformation. it is time to give Sevran a new lease on life, to reconcile the past with the present and prepare for the future with ambition, moving the lines and imagining new ways of creating living spaces and meeting places. The linear built is pierced by regular visual breakthroughs, to ventilate the spaces and let guess the plant and aquatic aspects of the site from the main avenue. at the south end of the house, there are vegetable gardens, which can also be found on the roofs of the various buildings. These planted spaces make it possible to link as much as possible the mineral and the vegetable, the constructions with the nature.

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