ZPPAUP of Tanarive

Madagascar – 2005-2009

Establishment of a Protection Zone for architectural, Landscape and Urban Heritage (ZPPAUP)

Région ile de France Urban community of Antananarivo

INTERSCENE Landscape architect & Urbanist

1000 ha

The establishment of the Protection Zone for Architectural, Landscape and Urban Heritage was part of the green Plan of Antananarivo Urban Community. This innovative approach in Madagascar was designed as a tool for preserving architectural, urban and landscape heritage across the whole of the Urban Community. This protection zone served to define a comprehensive project for the preservation and enhancement of the city. indeed, the ZPPAUP takes into account the neighbourhoods located beyond the old centre by establishing a protective perimeter in the continuity of the existing protected area. In this way it helps to guarantee a status for features that are remarkable for their specificity as well as connections to a period and city dwellers’ lifestyles.
a tool of knowledge, this project was an opportunity to analyse and reflect on a territory in detail while deriving an overall vision. a tool of knowledge for community leaders who, through this tool, became aware of a reality beyond the picturesque and aesthetic aspects of their area to appreciate the logic that led to the creation and development of the city. A communication tool, it is the ideal medium to showcase heritage and create public aware-ness about the values conveyed by this concept: maintaining collective memory and promoting joint development that is respectful of others and a collective past. as a regulatory tool, the ZPPAUP is a promotional instrument and a framework for the future development of the city.

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